What I Wish I Did at My Wedding

Wedding Wishes

Your wedding wishes can easily come true with just a little planning in advance.  Here are twenty simple, fun, ideas that will make your day special and keep your guests happy and having fun.

  1.   Pick a kiss out of the hat.  In other words, for your reception, make up cards for guests to pull out of a hat like ‘Give Your Date a Kiss’ or Kiss the Oldest person at the Wedding or Bride and Groom kiss their parents etc.
  2. Arrange seats, if possible, in a circular pattern around the head table so everyone can see.
  3. Put photos of yourselves at different ages corresponding to table numbers for your guests to enjoy.
  4. Leave fun facts about yourselves on the tables.
  5. Pin something sentimental on your bouquet
  6. Play The Shoe Game at your reception. The bride and the groom are seated back to back and each hold one of their partners’ shoes and one of their own. Then, the maid-of-honor, best man, and other guests read a list of “who” questions about the relationship (“Who does most of the cooking?”, “Who made the first move?”, etc.)  to which the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person who best fits the answer.
  7. Have the groom write a message to the bride on the bottom of her shoe the morning of the wedding.
  8.  ….or have bridesmaids do the same thing. It’s said that whoever’s name doesn’t wear off by the end of the night is the next to get married!
  9. Give each table a song name or lyric. When their song plays, the whole table has to get up and dance. If you are doing a buffet dinner, the song could also be the table’s cue to get food.
  10. Take a picture of the rings with a newspaper from the day of your wedding.

Another Ten Wishes to Consider

  1. Instead of asking for registry items, let guests donate to your honeymoon fund (also known as a nice way to ask for money as a gift).
  2. A “Please Call Anyone But the Bride” list of phone numbers for your wedding party to keep stressful, last-minute problems away from the bride on her wedding day.
  3. Attach your garter to a football for your husband to throw.
  4. Write each other love letters on the day of your wedding and seal them closed in a box with a bottle of wine. Open the box on an anniversary.
  5. Have guests sign a calendar with their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  6. Invite your musically gifted friends to bring their instruments to the reception and hit the stage when your band takes five.
  7. And if there’s a talented singer in your crowd, ask him or her to perform a song at the reception. (Limit your request to one song; it’s a wedding, not a concert!)
  8. Got a cultural dance that’s a favorite at family weddings? From the tarantella (Italian) to the money dance (Cuba), ethnic jigs give a party a distinctive flavor.
  9. If you don’t want to put single gals on the spot, skip the bouquet toss; instead, early in the evening, give your flowers to the couple married the longest. Ask them to share a few words of wisdom with the crowd.
  10. Display your family’s heritage graphically—an Indian print, a clan tartan, an African kente cloth—on vases, ring pillows, stationery, even cummerbunds.

There are so many wonderful ideas out there.  These are just a few but I’m sure you and your wedding party or family can come up with more. Put your heads together and make your wedding wishes come true!



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