What Makes a Wedding a Wedding?

The Average Wedding Costs $25,000

There are a lot of things that go into a wedding, which on average cost $25,000. Included are such things as venue, catering, rentals, photography, jewelry, flowers, decorations, attire, etc. The question I want to pose is simply “What makes a wedding a wedding?”

I have had the privilege to see it all

After officiating weddings for over 20 years, I have had the privilege to see it all. From private cruise boats and $300 per seat venues to profoundly moving backyard weddings with neighbours passing meatballs over the fence, here is what I discovered. You can have a wedding without any of the trappings. As important as it is to value family, guests, and to make this day truly special, the most important part of the wedding is actually the vows. That’s truly what a wedding is. Everything else, apart from signing the marriage licence, is optional.

Sidebars to the Wedding

All too often people spend far too much attention and incur significant debt, on the trappings, which are actually sidebars to the wedding. The greatest factor in determining the longevity and quality of your marriage is your commitment to the vows you will make. That is what makes a wedding a wedding. Vowing to love and honour each other so long as you both shall live, is, in a nutshell, what makes a wedding a wedding.

Vows and Relationships – What Makes a Wedding a Wedding

As you plan your wedding and weigh your priorities, may I suggest you focus primarily on the vows you will make, then plan your wedding to ensure that you are surrounded by the people in your life who truly matter, and finally add those extra trappings. If you do this right the trappings will become faded memories, but your vows and relationships will last a lifetime.

by David A Smith

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