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Davids family wedding

Our Vision

We love people. We are all storytellers.  All three of us. Dave tells your story through your ceremony.  He helps you make it uniquely yours. Dave also understands that marriage takes serious commitment.  That's why he's so passionate about Premarital counselling. Ron and Gloria capture your story and describe it in pictures. From the intimate, tender moments to the down-right bend over laughing, can't believe that really happened moments, Ron & Gloria will help you relax and really enjoy your wedding day. That's why we give you options. Whatever your wedding wishes are, we will do our best to make them happen.

Our Story

It really started with Dave and Ron.  They connected through business and Dave bought Ron breakfast.  What is it about men and food anyway? Gloria came into the picture shortly after that. She'd known Ron for 25 years but they had lost touch. Yes, you're reading this right.  They have their own love story and it's a doozy! What surprised all three is how much they had in common, both personally and professionally. Their passion for people led to the creation of 'Your Wedding Wishes', a way to keep telling stories with the couples they meet on the most important day of their lives.

Meet Our Trio

It's not just wishful thinking. Separately or together, we really do cater to your wedding wishes with packages that fit your budget, style and venue.  We can even customize.  Whatever you wish.

david smith

David A. Smith

Officiant & Pre-marriage Counselor

Dave is a consummate people person with extensive experience in business, ministry, and marketplace leadership. Dave has a Masters in Divinity and has been a licensed wedding officiant and Prepare and Enrich Counselor for over twenty years. Dave’s greatest satisfaction is being married to his wife Barbel for almost forty years and together they have nine children and four grand children. Dave is an avid fisherman and has pictures to prove it.


Gloria Graf Davidson

Wedding Photographer

Gloria is a professionally trained photographer and she loves not only photographing weddings, but also animals, beautiful scenery and especially her grandchildren. She is an artist, writer and inspirational speaker.  Along with her husband Ron, she manages an online marketing firm which keeps them both busy and for the most part, out of trouble.  She and Ron love to travel, attend the theatre and get together with their children and grandchildren.


Ron Davidson

Photo Booth Photographer

Ron has a passion for music and is an avid musician playing drums at various venues.  He's comfortable in a recording studio both behind the booth and in front of it.  He not only has professional training in photography, print and recording but also has over thirty years in corporate sales and instruction.  You'll find him skiing down the slopes with his son or being his naturally funny self as he and Gloria meet and greet many of their mutual friends and family.

As You Wish

Set a date and time with us today to make your wedding wishes come true.